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2020 Was a Year Where Home Design Took Center Stage

Americans are taking a greater interest in the aesthetics of their spaces. Share these trending stories online to connect with homeowners interested in sprucing up their spaces and help potential buyers envision their new home.

The following are the top five home design stories at REALTOR® Magazine for 2020.

1. How to Best Navigate New Color Trends

Bold, saturated colors are back after years of calm beiges, soothing grays, and varied whites dominating the interior design scene. What’s a homeowner to do?

2. A Myriad of Home Trends to Gain Momentum in 2021

As homeowners continue to stay in, avoiding the latest spikes in coronavirus numbers, many seek new ways to improve their abode’s function and aesthetics.

3. Quarantine Produces ‘Horrors’ of Home Design

REALTOR® Magazine’s Styled, Staged & Sold blog counts down some of the cringe-worthy decorative choices people are making while hunkering down at home.

4. Improvements First-Time Homeowners Should Tackle First

Owning a home is a significant financial investment for your clients. These 10 tips will help them prepare for maintenance and repair costs, too.

5. Presale Renovations Take Off

For equity-rich sellers who need more than a fluff before they put their home on the market, companies are now offering renovation management and funding.

Source: REALTOR® Magazine

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